Why Candles?

Colleen got engaged in 2018 with a wedding date in 2020. While doing wedding research (like any bride-to-be) she could never find candles that she felt would fit her vision the most. So she looked to see if she could make all the candles for her wedding, but no one was currently offering a class for her to learn in person. She decided to create this class for anyone that might have the same idea!

Plus, who doesn’t love candles??

Essential Crafting is all about the DIY!

Book us for an in-home party or come visit us at one of our themed classes.

What we provide:
Everything you need to create your soy wax candles.
Included but not limited to wax, color. essential oils, jar of choice, everything you need to melt the wax, and decorations!

Coming Soon: Soaps, Bath Bombs, and Lip Gloss.

Message us if you have an idea for a theme or DIY!

Container Candle

$45Plus Tax

Sand-Wax Candle

$40Plus Tax

Sheet Candle

$35Plus Tax

Candle Decoration

$30Plus Tax